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Counterfeit Watches

February 5, 2014

Despite the producers’ effervescent campaigns, a lot of consumers are looking, online and offline, for counterfeit watches to buy for themselves or for their close ones. It is proven by the searched people make online as well as by the success of the virtual and brick and mortar stores operating in this luxury manufacturing and trade field.

Why do people are looking for best replica watches? This question has a series of answers. One of the main reasons is the price. People like luxury goods, but they don’t always have the necessary budget to buy the real thing. For how long has a high tech employee with an above the average wage have to save in order to afford a Rolex or a Patek Philip? Anyone is tempted when walking by market stalls displaying sparkling replica watches at bargain prices.

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Whether you are a luxury watches afficcionado or not, you are certainly aware of the message a Rolex brand on your wrist sends to the people around you, especially when it is someone you are meeting for the first time and you want to impress. But, are you willing to resort to a fake time piece in order to create the image you would want to? Isn’t this a bit tricky? Let’s look into the disadvantages of buying a counterfeit watch:

1. Almost anyone can spot a fake. Who are you fooling? Maybe just yourself, thinking that you succeeded to achieve the desired effect without spending a fortune.

2. A cheap product looks fake. Instead of looking sharp and classy, you will look just fake. Is this what you were going for? When buying a luxury looking product, you want to go for a sharp and fancy outfit, not for a cheap one.

3. Counterfeit watches don’t come with a quality warranty. If the second day after purchasing your wonder product, you realize it was not such a great deal as it is always minutes late, it does not close well, or who knows what, there is nothing you can do.

4. Buying a counterfeit watch, and any other forged product for that matter, you are encouraging this underground industry that does not pay taxes and does not contribute to the economy’s evolution.

Now that you are convinced you are going to stay away from counterfeit watches, the only question that remain is how to spot them. Here are a few tips that will help you detect forged timepieces and make safer purchases.

The price

The first indicator should be the price. If your Rolex costs $30, it certainly is fake and a cheap one as there is no such thing as a Rolex for $30. While you may sometimes find better prices, it is never for a limited series model, and they never go as low as $30.

The movement of the hand

Another way of spotting a fake watch is to take a look at how the seconds hand slides. If it has a smooth movement, you are dealing with the real thing. If, on the contrary, it stutters, you are faced with a counterfeited product.

The date display

Original timepieces equipped with a magnifying aperture usually display the date with sizeable figures so that the owner and wearer can read it easily, just by a move of the hand. This is not always the case when dealing with replica watches. The figures are small and the reading is rather difficult.

The inner workings

Luxury watches are created with a lot of time and creative work investment. Their components are usually hand made and everything is almost perfect about them. Take a look at the inner workings of the watch you are planning to buy. If there are clear indications of what each small piece is and how it can be distinguished from the others, you are most certainly dealing with an original timepiece. Forgers don’t take the trouble of going into so much details and of perfecting their work so much.

The location

Where are you looking for an original luxury watch? In your local market? In an exclusivist shopping mall? On eBay? On the official website? Shopping in a safe location solves half of the issue. Although you might not find great discounts, buying your luxury timepiece from an official dealer instead of the trader advertising his products at street corner is the safest way to go.  This does not say that you are 100% risk free when looking for a Rolex in a shopping mall. Forgers get to the places you would least expect them to. However, when there is a legitimate shop, there is usually a legitimate paper trail and a warranty for the product that is on sale.

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