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Fake Bags

January 30, 2014

A bag can be a valuable accessory that makes your entire outfit look sharp and elegant, and women who like staying updated with fashion trends know all about it. This is why designer bags are some of the most looked for items within clothing and fashion industry. But, can we all afford to buy brand names? Shirts and trousers, skirts and dresses, earrings and necklaces… if we have to buy all of them from designer flag stores, our wardrobe will cost a fortune.

So, what is the solution? We look around, in brick and mortar shops, at street corners, in the markets, on the internet, and we find cheaper products that seem to be just the same thing. But is it really the same thing? Are we buying the same Dolce & Gabbana bag only at a discounted price? The answer is negative.

6 fake bags

You might be asking yourself then: how can I know it? How can I make the difference between a genuine designer purses and replica bags? Here are a few things you should take a good look at when shopping for handbags:

The price

Did you really think you can buy a designer bag for $100? A Prada or Hermes product is never so cheap. Furla bags don’t go under the $300 limit. Instead of getting ripped off and paying $100 for a $20 bag, better look elsewhere and either buy a regular product that is sold for what it really is at the price it really costs.

There is nothing wrong with buying cheaper products if you are on a budget and you would rather have different models and different colors of bags. As long as you are aware that you are not buying a high quality product, it is up to you to pick the kind of items you fancy for your wardrobe and outfits.

The label

One of the first indications you are about to make a wrong shopping decision is the product’s label. Check the spelling! Is this bag a Louis Vuitton or a Luis Vuiton? Are you going to pay for a Dolce & Gabbana or for a Dolce & Cabanna? This small trick has been used for ages and continues to deceive consumers looking for designer goods at bargain prices. Even if you think it might go, it is certain you won’t full too many people with a misspelled brand name.

The stitching and the charms

Before you actually take the money out of your pocket, take a close look at how the stitching and charms are set into place. Designer bags rhyme with quality and the stitching will always look neat. The charms will always be made of a good looking material that achieves the desired effect. A shinny letter, a purposely vintage looking charm… they will never look as well as on the real model when dealing with a counterfeited bag.

How to make sure you are not buying a counterfeited bag

Follow the above mentioned signs to check if the product you are planning to buy is genuine. If you are shopping in brick and mortar shops, things are easier as you can feel the product and analyze it visually. If you found this bag on the internet, on eBay or a different website, ask the seller to provide you with several pictures so that you can analyze the product properly. In case of a refusal, it is advisable you take your business elsewhere! Either he/she does not have the product, or he/she is aware it’s a fake and does not want to provide more details for fear of being spotted.

The budget you have for buying the bag is your on business. However, you should think twice before spending it all on a counterfeit product. Not only you will pay more for a really cheap bag, but this way you also help underground industry, child labor and illegal trade flourish. Another aspect you should consider is that copying the design of a bag or any other item of clothing for that matter is illegal. Fashion designers invest time and resource into creating trendy models, and those who counterfeit these models are, in fact, stealing the result of their work and creative genius.

Despite the pressure society puts on us to follow fashion trends, you should reconsider your decision of purchasing a fake both for quality and for moral reasons, not to mention the legality of that acquisition. Counterfeited bags do not come with quality assurance, and you can end up with a useless product or even with a health issue like an allergy from the cheap paint used to fake the original.  Better invest in a simpler bag that goes with many outfits than buy several cheap forged ones.

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